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Student Management
ALL our Student Project Managers have a burning passion for making the AppGarage the crispiest environment for ambitious students wanting to build and commercialize apps. We are looking for these to help build the AppGarage environment. See below for roles to fulfill:

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Garage Entrepreneur

The Garage Entrepreneur will be responsible for developing the AppGarage environment to support all areas of the project. He/she should always be on the lookout for opportunities to improve the AppGarage environment by spearheading initiatives. Ideally, the Garage Entrepreneur should also be able to help the residents on how to start a company.

The perfect candidate for the Garage Entrepreneur has a personal interest in entrepreneurship and have preferably experience in running a startup. He/she understands the value of networking and can make things happen. The Garage Entrepreneur also have ideas on how to create the perfect startup community.
Where are you? Please contact us!

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Garage Megaphoner

The Garage Megaphoners job will be to keep the communication lines open to the outside world as well as on the factory floor. This involves controlling our outside communication via the relevant social media channels; Facebook and Twitter. The Garage Megaphoner should also manage the communication strategy as well as communication with the AppGarage partners.

The perfect candidate for the Garage Megaphoner should consequently be interested in social media and communication.
Where are you? Please contact us!

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Garage Doctor

The Garage Doctor is responsible for providing guidance for the residents when they're working on their apps as well as assisting with technical issues. This involves checking the pulse, keeping track of the projects as well as developing new ways to support the factory residents.

The perfect candidate for the Garage Doctor has written apps before. He has experience with programming either iDevices, Android devices or platform-agnostic programming languages such as HTML5.
Where are you? Please contact us!
DTU Informatics
Department of Informatics supports the strategic development of the AppFactory. The team behind is seen below.
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Michael Reibel Boesen, Project Head

Innovation agent, PhD and entrepreneur. Michael is the co-founder and CTO of Biomicore - a company built on a self-repairing chip technology, which he developed during his master thesis and PhD. He is also the VP of Operations for the highly successful Silicon Vikings Copenhagen networking organization, which aims at connecting the Nordic with Silicon Valley as well as augment the Copenhagen startup community with the Silicon Valley spirit. During his studies Michael also founded a PC support company (Fix My PC) and the IEEE Student Branch DTU.
Michael loves to start things.
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Philip Bille, Project Advisor

Associate Professor in algorithms focusing on fundamental theoretical
and practical problems in pattern matching and application areas,
including bioinfomatics, compression, search engines, plagiarism
detection, etc. Extensive research collaborations with industry and
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Kristian Kristensen, Project Advisor

Chief of IT @ DTU Informatics.

More info to come!
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Jakob Eg Larsen, Project Advisor, Head of Mobile Informatics Lab

Jakob is currently a visiting scholar at Stanford University as well as an associate professor in Cognitive Systems at DTU Informatics. His research interests include human-computer interaction, personal informatics, and wearable computing/sensing in exploration of the phenomena of self-tracking. This involves pervasive computing technologies such as smartphones and wearable computers/sensors for continuous life logging and data capture of everyday life aspects including mobility, behavior, habits, and physiological state. He's interested in exploring and prototyping applications and assistive technologies for improvements in health, well-being, and personal informatics. He teach courses in the master's program in digital media engineering, including 02827 mobile application prototyping, 02831 digital media engineering prototyping, and 02266 user experience engineering. Jakob is also the Head of Mobile Informatics Lab at DTU Informatics.
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Joseph Kiniry, Project Advisor

Professor, head of the Software Engineering section at DTU Informatics. Joseph has a PhD from Caltech, he was a tenured lecturer at the School of Computer Science and Informatics at the University College Dublin and a founding member of the Complex & Adaptive Systems Laboratory there. He is also an entrepreneur as he has founded five companies.
His research interests reside within formal methods, foundations of mathematics, software engineering, software/system/network security, distributed systems, object-oriented and component-based systems and languages, knowledge representation, systems modeling, artificial life, and the many different theoretical underpinnings of computing. In short, he's a Computer Scientist/Mathematician researcher and hacker, in the old sense of the term.
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Allan Peter Engsig-Karup, Project Advisor

Associate Professor in Scientific Computing. Allan is working as a researcher and teacher at DTU Informatics. His research interests focus on applied math, numerical methods, high-performance and massively parallel computing, modern programming paradigms, modern and emerging many-core hardware and software development with applications in and for engineering. Allan is involved in several multi-disciplinary research projects and in this context focus on finding new or better ways to solve challenging problems and explore new trends in scientific computing. Allan is a co-founder of GPULAB ( at DTU Informatics.
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Mentors are a key ingredient in any startup community. We've assembled the best, hottest entrepreneurs, apptrepreneurs, developers and investors from the danish startup community. (More mentors to come)
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Jimmi Andersen, App-trepreneur

Spent the last decade on software innovations, currently focusing on building up AppFlower. AppFlower is new and much easier way of doing software development without coding. Especially well-suited for creating business application, and other administrative systems,
Past: Founder IMMUNE (now ImmuneSecurity) sold in 2008-2010. Tech company building enterprise security monitoring system (SIEM)
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Lars Andersen, Investor

Lars is the one of the General Partners of Seedcapital. He's a serial entrepreneur with several successful exits to his name. His insight and network is accumulated from more than 15 years of experience in the international ICT industry – i.e. as CEO for Columbus IT with more than 1000 employees in 25 countries. Lars is an expert within the fields of internationalisation, sales and management and has had a pivotal role in the exits of both Fullrate and AudioAsics.
He's currently managing the Seedcapital investments in BluePrinter, Trustpilot, Napatech, Nangate, Firmafon, Endomondo, Codesealer and 3Dfacto.
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Babar Baig, App Marketing Expert

Babar has over 8 years of experience in operational and strategic marketing. He has previously worked with Danish telecom, TDC and The Society of Danish Engineers. In 2005, Babar co-founded one of the world’s first independent app stores whilst additionally providing online and mobile strategic consultant services to several Danish companies. He currently serves as the Marketing Director for Vopium, where he's the head of mobile, web and appstore marketing.
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Michael Bak, Entrepreneur

Michael is the former CEO of Venture Cup, Advisory Board and Board Member of multiple organizations, founder of multiple companies. He is all about discovering talent, building relationships and exploring commercial opportunities. He has spent the last five years successfully finding, training, rewarding and referring the next generation of entrepreneurs within a broad array of industries. Other keywords about Michael include: Passionate communicator; distinct entrepreneurial mindset; strong navigational skills during change; highly analytical when grasping complex situations; valued sense of loyalty; collaborative leadership style with room for individual responsibility and growth.
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Rasmus Bjerngaard

Rasmus has several years of experience in technology investment from his time at SEED capital and recently NorthCap. He serves on the board of several companies such as Leikr, Storyplanet, Machine Performance, Blueprinter, Libratone etc. His investments are focused at the IT, Mobile and Hardware segments. He's a strategically minded executor with a strong business and technical background.
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Philip Bruce, App-trepreneur

Former DTU M.Sc.EE student - now co-founder of one of Copenhagens major app startups, Shape - located at the elite startup workspace Founders House.
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Max Damgaard, Business development expert

Max has a lot of experience in developing new strategies for startups when they are pursuing investors from his many positions as advisory board member, founder, etc. He has been the regional manager of Connect Denmark and consequently has a huge network. He is also an experienced CFO.
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James Digby, Entrepreneur

Gets his hands dirty with everything related to startups. Among his highly ambitious projects are the Rockstart accelerator and Nordic Startup Awards and many more.
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Martin Ferro-Thomsen, Entrepreneur

Martin is the founder of Conferize, a platform aiming to disrupt the trillion dollar global conference industry by making conferences more social, transparent and relevant. He's also also Co-Founder of Issuu, a Best Website. Issuu, a 'YouTube for publishing', is now in the US top-100, serving 55+ m users and almost 4 bn pages every month. He's also a 2011 member of BNY Talent-100, and hold an MA in Culture & Communications. In 2006 he gave up an international PhD fellowship for the love of entrepreneurship and (almost) never looked back. Generally he operate within culture & technology, innovation & design. He also co-founded the band Epic Typo that opened for Einstürzende Neubauten at Casa da Musica.
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Niels Boje Lund, Serieal-entrepreneur

Niels Boje is an entrepreneurial leader and executive with corporate finance and innovation expertise – specialized in high-growth companies, business modeling and accelerator methodologies. He has a strong business acumen and broad insight into venture capital, technology, management consulting among others. Niels is managing the company during the transition from startup to growth company.
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Jakob Mikkelsen, App-trepreneur

Jakob Mikkelsen is an entrepreneur and software developer. He's the co-founder and parter of the app bureau Greener Pastures as well as other IT companies, such as the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company Time Log. His current company, Greener Pastures, develops iPhone and Android apps and has delivered solutions for FDB, Novo Nordisk, Radio24Syv, Novozymes, Nykredit, Saxo Bank etc. Jakobs main responsibilities are to control the production and communication to the customer and ensure that the team of developers, designer and IA's are working. Although most of his time are spent with customer meetings, economy and management he still has time to do a little Objective-C programming.
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Nicolaj Højer Nielsen, Entrepreneur / Investor

Serial entrepreneur (MotilityCount, CodeSealer, BIOSTRAT, detOkay, and investor. Education: Msc (Marketing) from Copenhagen Business School + MBA (General Management) from INSEAD in France and Singapore.
Professional experience: Start-ups, entrepreneurship, venture capital, financing, fundraising, strategy, mergers & acquisitions, financial analyses, due diligence, general management, business development, inlicensing, outlicensing
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Navid Ostadian-Binai, Kickstarter / Startup Community Enthusiast

Navid founded the Copenhagen chapter of Silicon Vikings, motivated by his love for Silicon Valley and technology as well as his desire to make a difference to individuals, businesses and society. For the past few years, Navid has been part of global electronics startups, most recently for IPtronics, based out of Copenhagen. In September 2012, he moved to London to make things happen at Cogniance, a de-facto web and mobile app development outsourcing partner for startups and corporate innovation labs. Navid is also a mentor at Healthbox Accelerator and a Contributor at Brand+Commercial.
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Martin Stenfeldt, Leader

Martin is currently the Chief Commercial Officer for Scion DTU. He's a medical sales and business development professional with 15+ years experience in global markets. Direct work experience from company headquarters and subsidiaries in Denmark, Germany and USA. He's had versatile exposure to management of sales, marketing, innovation, large accounts, logistics, projects, process engineering and IT. In-depth interest and knowledge about working in global ever-changing environment. Open-minded stature facilitating healthy internal and external relationships. He's astute in implementing new strategies and bringing concepts into life. Expertise in fast execution and transparent communication.
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Anna Taws, Design & usability expert

Anna is the Mobile Design Manager for Berlingske Media /MECOM, where she's developing design for different types of apps and platforms. She's a mobile design and user experience expert and has been exposed to both iOS, Android and Windows 7 apps. This her strength as she combines her expertise in aesthetic design with a deep understanding of the limitations of the technology. She has many years of experience with design from digital bureaurs (Advice Digital, Bysted and DR design department).
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We're already extremely happy that we have a bunch of hot mentors who wants to help and spend time with us to make the AppGarage a success. In addition, we have a couple of sponsors who have agreed to sponsor various parts of the AppGarage! Check them out below.
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We're powered by Podio - free project management software to easily manage teams, projects and much more in one central place. Work the way you want to with the unique ability to create your own apps.

We're proud that one of our homegrown danish successes, Podio, are sponsoring the project management and intranet solution we use at the AppGarage.
We've also got a few partnering organizations who have similar goals as the AppGarage. Please check them out!
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Silicon Vikings is a networking organization with the purpose of connecting the Nordics with Silicon Valley as well as establish a kick-ass startup community in Copenhagen. Silicon Vikings has 2 (soon to be 3) recurring events every month:
> Startup Night (1st thursday of every month): We invite one killer entrepreneur to take the stage and talk about their success and failure of running a startup in Denmark. The night is always held at Republikken from 18:00 and is finished off with some heavy networking.
> Pub Evenings (2nd thursday of every month): Similar to Startup Night but without the talk - pure networking. The Pub evenings are held at various pubs around Copenhagen.
Event calendar website (check the red events are in Copenhagen):